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They say everyone has their thing; every artist has their¬†medium, every athlete has their sport. That one sport that they could just play and play, and never get bored. The sport that they can live and breathe for months on end, and the air never gets stale. I myself am an athlete, and as they say, I have my sport. Now you may be wondering what my sport is it, what sport decorates my canvas, what sport fills my athletic air tank. That sport for me is softball. I love softball. In fact, as you can probably tell, I love softball enough to blog about it. This blog will not only be about softball as a sport its self, it will also be about anything from terminology to techniques, from sliding to socks. You name it, I’ll probably blog about it. This blog will be a place for me to express my love for the sport, and also for others to get an idea of what its really like to be a softball player from an actual player. And who knows, you might want to become a player yourself! Softball is a game anyone can play, regardless of¬†experience or skill. The basics are simple, hit the ball, run, and try not to get out. And people of all ages can play as well. Children can start playing as soon as they can run, and adults can keep playing until they can’t run any more. So grab a glove, and come play with me!

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