Freedom As A Blogger

Freedom can mean many things to many people. describes it as exemption  from  external  control,  interference,  regulation, etc. Merriam Websters defines freedom as  liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence.  I like how Merriam Websters describes freedom alongside independence, because I would define freedom as the two of them going hand in hand, because just like with independence, freedom comes with responsibility. Freedom technically means that you are free to do what ever you want to do to feel how you want to feel, to believe what you want to believe. But if your freedom gets in the way of other people’s lives, then there are consequences. This really applies to us as bloggers. As bloggers we are free to write whatever we want about whatever we want, but we need to think about how what we say might effect other people. For example, a blog written about religion might offend someone if within that blog, it says that that person’s religion is wrong. Or a racial slur in a blog wouldn’t be appropriate because it could offend someone of that race.  When you post a blog, everyone that uses the internet can see it, so you really have to think about your audience on a grand scale, and how small things could escalate into something larger. Which brings us back to freedom and independence. You have to be independent enough not to abuse your freedom, because people will see what you post, the first time you post it.

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